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Reference name: EC4-SDS 7.5.1
Description: Scope: Reference values for NM in ambient air
Aimed at: Public and private customers (ministries, agencies, industry)
Industrial sector: Automotive industry, Chemical/Process industry, Construction industry, Cosmetics health, Paint industry, Coating industry, Plastics/Synthetics industry, Tire industry, Wood industry
Topic: Hazard/toxicokinetics assessment - Health effects
Category: Reference values
Supplier: Institut National de l´Environnement et des Risques, Parc Technologique Alata, 60550 Verneuil en Halatte (France); Michelle BISSON
Document(s): EC4-SDS 7.5.1.EN.pdf (12.12.2019)
EC4-SDS 7.5.1.FR.pdf (12.12.2019)
EC4-SDS 7.5.1.SP.pdf (01.01.2020)


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