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Reference name: EC4-SDS 12.1.1
Description: Scope: Development of standards and guidelines
Aimed at: Industry, health and safety laboratories, academics, NGOs and regulators
Industrial sector: All sectors.
Topic: Concentration and characteristics / Hazard / toxicokinetics assessment – Health effects / Exposure assessment – Workers / Risk assessment – Workers / Risk management – Workers / Risk prevention (incl. Safety by design)
Category: Standards
Supplier: Health & Safety Executive, Science Division, Harpur Hill, Buxton SK17 9JN, United Kingdom; Delphine BARD ( and Gareth EVANS ( )
Document(s): EC4-SDS 12.1.1.EN.pdf (12.12.2019)
EC4-SDS 12.1.1.FR.pdf (12.12.2019)
EC4-SDS 12.1.1.SP.pdf (01.01.2020)
Reference name: EC4-SDS 12.16.1
Description: Scope: Sustainability is a driver for new products/markets. The efficient and durable use of resources (energy, materials, etc.) and the reduction of impacts on the OHS and the environment should be key priorities in the design of the new nano-manufacturing processes. This service focuses on the development of standardization deliverables to provide guidance and recommendations for sustainable production of nanomaterials and nano-enabled products, by the implementation of a Safe by Design (SbD) approach in nano-manufacturing processes.
Aimed at: Manufacturers of new machinery and processes for the manufacture of nanomaterials and nano-enabled products.
Industrial sector: Aeronautics, automotive. All sectors.
Topic: Risk prevention (incl. Safety-by-design)
Category: Standards
Supplier: Fundación TECNALIA Research and Innovation, Parque Tecnológico de Alava, Leonardo Da Vinci 11, 01510 Miñano (Spain) ; Jesús M. LÓPEZ DE IPIÑA, Industry and Transport Division, Smart Systems Area,, +34 671 766 976
Document(s): EC4-SDS 12.16.1.EN.pdf (12.12.2019)
EC4-SDS 12.16.1.FR.pdf (12.12.2019)
EC4-SDS 12.16.1.SP.pdf (01.01.2020)


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